Hu Xiyin Baoan District will increase support for entrepreneurial incubation base


Baoan District in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship development, contributed a lot of strength, to further promote the settlement of labor problems this year, all kinds of business incubators will continue to upgrade, to provide more in line with the function of cultivating entrepreneurial talent needs of the times.

"Internet plus" built " project"

to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to promote entrepreneurship to high quality employment, in September 2nd last year, the District Bureau of human resources in the city’s first employment service PPP mode of cooperation, in cooperation with the Xingda human resources limited depth, based on the Baoan District public employment service platform on the successful development of new business services sector, equipped with a and build a entrepreneurial project and Taobao expert guidance function of the public business service platform, to achieve online business incubator.

upgrade to create "entrepreneurial DreamWorks"

by the Xingda human resources company limited the transformation and upgrading of talent to create a cloud of garden, is a line the company created in support of the District Bureau of human resources under the line under the combination of "super business incubator". The reason is called "super incubator", because the park to break the traditional concept of physical space incubation, hatching all the objects can be hatched: industry, businesses, communities and individuals.

"Internet plus" era, "Education – employment entrepreneurship incubator project, as a typical example of the industrial chain Park incubator. Today, the park has signed with the intention of incubation in Vocational Colleges in Canada, and will be settled in March this year, to create a set of cooperation in education and training and employment in one of the industrial chain of education.

"wisdom Xinle · music home" is the outstanding representative of wisdom cloud Park community, industry and individual business incubator.

for Xinle community into the "wisdom of Baoan – mutual demonstration community" and "pan Qianhai window community", the park will help Internet plus "technology, the integration of publicity to the community education, medical and industrial environment, attract big recommendation