ncredible entrepreneurial projects

has such a law, the more novel is more easy to cause the attention of others, the more fantastic more easily lead to   consumer interest, entrepreneurial projects also exist a problem, there is such a phenomenon!

paper painting made 300 thousand

2009 Song Yahong rented a room near the school at the beginning of the year, and her "colorful paper Gallery" was officially opened. Once bought a colourful paper painting by students and parents to join the store again, a sudden fire shop business. After a year of hard work, Song Yahong won a pure leader 300 thousand yuan.

hordes of children fell on the table, right hand holding a pair of tweezers, left hand sharpened bamboo, from time to time from Yan   feeding bottle out of colourful paper sludge. At present, Xi’an popular this colourful paper painting, is actually in our daily use paper towels to paint. According to the color paper painting inventor Song Yahong said at the beginning of brilliant color paper painting invention, is from a stall at the school gate at the start. Cattle are often in knots they came, and parents for their children to buy   to buy, is very popular.

Analysis of the new project

"a bug’s life"

2008, Chengdu’s Hou Zuren resigned from the high paying jobs, and friends together to set up a "bug commando", designed for customers to kill insects. At the beginning of the business, Hou Zuren and a number of customers signed a trial contract, the customer can free trial for a month, after the satisfaction of a formal contract. At the same time, Hou Zuren uses propaganda newspapers and networks, and to various small   on-site demonstration area of pest control, let more people accept the concept of pest control.

2008 at the beginning of September, Hou Zuren received a grave earthquake in Sichuan after the first order for pest control of a provincial authorities office building, then orders come in a throng. Hou Zuren said, "a bug’s life" year contract customers currently reached more than and 200, short-term more than and 100 customers, customers total growth of 30% per month rate, 2009 income 30  million yuan.

Analysis of new project investment: the project

Xiaobian collecting several people fantastic for you, it is hard to imagine that the project, with unusual project is not the same, but the real wealth created a lot of hope, Xiaobian introduce can bring some help for you!